Zhan Kang

Professor   Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates   Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Main positions:Deputy Dean, Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics

Other Post:Deputy Dean, Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics


Alma Mater:Stuttgart University, Germany

Degree:Doctoral Degree

School/Department:Department of Engineering Mechanics/ State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis for Industrial Equimpment

Discipline:Engineering Mechanics. Computational Mechanics. Aerospace Mechanics and Engineering. Solid Mechanics

Business Address:https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6652-7831

Contact Information:zhankang#dlut.edu.cn 13190104312


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Master Degree Candidate

NO. Faculty/School Major Year
1 运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 2021
2 运载工程与力学学部 航天航天力学与工程 2021
3 运载工程与力学学部 机械 2021

Doctoral Candidate

NO. Faculty/School Major Research Focus Year
1 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 智能结构设计方法 2021
2 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 先进材料优化设计 2021
3 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 结构与多学科拓扑优化 2021
4 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 计算力学 微细观力学 2021
5 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 航空航天材料与结构优化设计 2021
6 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 生物与纳米力学 柔性电子器件力学 2021
7 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 生物与纳米力学 生物医学器件设计与制造中的力学问题 2021
8 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 计算力学 非确定性结构优化 2021
9 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 计算力学 材料与结构多尺度计算 2021
10 运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 结构优化设计;多学科优化设计;航天航空结构优化设计;不确定性结构优化;结构可靠度 2021
11 运载工程与力学学部 力学 拓扑优化设计;航空航天结构优化;不确定性结构优化;智能结构设计;计算力学;工程力学等 2021
12 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 航空航天力学与工程 智能结构设计方法 2021
13 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 航空航天力学与工程 航空航天材料与结构优化设计 2021
14 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 航空航天力学与工程 材料与结构多尺度计算 2021
15 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 机械 飞行器设计与制造 2021
16 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 机械 飞行器设计与制造 2021
17 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 机械 工程科学计算自主软件 2021
18 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 机械 工业装备结构分析 2021
19 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 机械 先进结构智能设计 2021


Dr. Zhan Kang is a Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor of Dalian University of Technology. He graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1992, received his MEng in mechanics from Dalian University of Technology in 1995 and his Dr. –Ing. degree from Stuttgart University, Germany in 2005. His current research involves issues such as topology optimization, structural optimization under uncertainties, design optimization of smart structures and nanomechanics. Dr. Kang has published over 100 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and one monograph. He has received 5500 citations and has an H-index of 39 (Google Scholar). Dr. Kang has been granted the Outstanding Youth Fund of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). He has been principal investigator of 8 NSFC projects and a Key Project of Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development (973 Project). He has also conducted many consultancy projects.


Google Scholar Page: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=PwlauJAAAAAJ&hl=zh-CN&oi=ao