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Zhang Wei, male, was born in March 1972, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. He got his master degree of management from Dalian University of Technology, has been in the Administrative Office, the Personnel Department, Graduate School and other departments engaged in education management. Now, he is the director of network and Informationization Center in DUT. Over the years he has been committed to improving the management level of management by means of information technology, as the network and information center director after the main engaged in intelligent campus, data decision support theory research and practical work. The main scientific research project completed in municipal, 3, first author of 10 published papers.

  • Education Background
  • Work Experience
1997-9 | 2001-4
  • Dalian Unviersity of Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Master's Degree

1991-9 | 1995-7
  • Dalian Unviersity of Technology
  • 机械制造及其自动化
  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Social Affiliations
  • Research Focus
  • 中国高等教育学会教育信息化分会副理事长

  • 中国高等教育学会教育信息化分会常务理事

  • 中国教育发展战略学会教育管理信息化专业委员会会员

  • 第一、二、三届辽宁省大学生移动应用开发大赛评审专家

  • “赛尔网络下一代互联网技术创新项目”评审专家

Personal information

Assistant Professor

Academic Titles : Director

Official Title : 机关党委副书记、机关工会主席

Gender : Male

Alma Mater : Dalian University of Technology

Degree : Master's Degree

Status : On the job

School/Department : Network and Informationization Center

Discipline : Higher Education Computer Applied Technology

Business Address : Room 105,Network and Informationization Center

Contact Information : 0411-84707000

Email :

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Research Group
Address: No.2 Linggong Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, P.R.C., 116024

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