Wang Jingyun

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Our research comprises of recognition and visualization of bioactive molecules or ions which are associated with serious diseases, and smart nano-biomaterials for the targeting delivery of gene and drug. At present, we are focusing on the recognition of bioactive molecules in mitochondria of cells, selective labeling of mitochondria, design of bio-degradable nano drug delivery system regulated by the microenvironments of tumor, such as low pH, high reductive activity in tumor cells, and nano-delivery system of gene or siRNA for cancer therapy, multiple functional nano co-delivery system for combined therapy of cancer. We have secured two funding from Natural Science Foundation of China. More than 50 research papers have been published, 10 invention patents have been authorized in our group

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1981.9 1984.7

  • 山西大同矿务局一中

1998.9 2001.6

  • 大连理工大学
  • 生物化工
  • Doctoral Degree

1988.9 1991.7

  • 大连理工大学
  • 应用化学
  • Master's Degree

Work Experience

2001.7 Now
  • 大连理工大学
  • 教授
1991.7 1998.8
  • 辽宁省外贸开发区公司
  • 业务员

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Research Focus

  • 用于肿瘤治疗的诊疗一体化多功能纳米材料
  • 药物/基因递送智能纳米材料
  • 与疾病相关的活细胞内离子、活性分子的荧光可视化选择性识别