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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Alma Mater:大连理工大学
Degree:Doctoral Degree
Discipline:Physical Chemistry (including Chemical Physics)
Business Address:化工综合楼C211
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        Prof. Chuan Shi is a full-time professor of School of Chemistry, Dalian University of Technology. Her research interests focus on nano-catalysis and interface chemistry, with the emphasis on understanding the synergy between non-thermal plasma with catalysis at the nanoscale and discovering the special properties of nano-materials for catalytic applications in environmental catalysis and conversions of energy-related small molecules. Involved in many National Science Foundation supported projects, her recent work mainly includes nano-sized transition metal nitrides/carbides/phosphides for catalytic and electro-catalytic reactions, being focused on the interactions between the carbide substrates with the dispersed metals, as well as their specific properties of nanomaterials, i.e. noble like chemical properties. On the other side, a novel means for low-concentration VOC and NOx removal by using a cycled “catalytic-storage” followed by “plasma-regeneration” process has been proposed to improve the VOC and NOx removal efficiency and reduce the energy consumption. Dr. Chuan Shi has published more than 100 papers, some of them are in Science, Nature, Chem, ACS catalysis, Appl. Catal. B, Environmental, AICHE Journal et al. Prof. Chuan Shi was invited to be a committee of Chinese society of energy and Chinese society of environmental science, specialized committee for the prevention and control of volatile organics pollution, and being invited as a keynote lecturer in 10th ICEC in Taijin and 2018 PacSurf in Hawaii. She has been awarded as New Century Excellent Talents in University and Outstanding Young Teachers of Liaoning province.

Representative Publications:

[1] X. Zhang, M. Zhang, Y. Deng, M. Xu, L. Artiglia, W. Wen, R. Gao, B. Chen, S. Yao, X. Zhang, M. Peng, J. Yan, A. Li, Z. Jiang, X. Gao, S. Cao, C. Yang, A.J. Kropf, J. Shi, J. Xie, M. Bi, J.A. van Bokhoven, Y.-W. Li, X. Wen, M. Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, C. Shi*, W. Zhou*, D. Ma*, A stable low-temperature H2-production catalyst by crowding Pt on α-MoC, Nature, 589 (2021) 396-401. (IF=49.962)

[2] S. Yao, X. Zhang, W. Zhou, R. Gao, W. Xu, Y. Ye, L. Lin, X. Wen, P. Liu, B. Chen, E. Crumlin, J. Guo, Z. Zuo, W. Li, J. Xie, L. Lu, C.J. Kiely, L. GuC. Shi*, J.A. Rodriguez*, D. Ma*, Atomic-layered Au clusters on α-MoC as catalysts for the low-temperature water-gas shift reaction, Science, 3572017389. (IF=47.728)

[3] L. Lin, W. Zhou, R. Gao, S. Yao, X. Zhang, W. Xu, S. Zheng, Z. Jiang, Q. Yu, Y.W. Li, C. Shi*, X.D. Wen*, D. Ma*, “Low-temperature hydrogen production from water and methanol using Pt/alpha-MoC catalysts”, Nature, 544 (2017) 80-83. (IF=49.962)

[4] X. Zhang, Y. Liu, M. Zhang, T. Yu, B. Chen, Y. Xu, M. Crocker, X. Zhu, Y. Zhu, R. Wang, D. Xiao, M. Bi, D. Ma*, C. Shi*, Synergy between β-Mo2C Nanorods and Non-thermal Plasma for Selective CO2 Reduction to CO, Chem, 6 (2020) 3312-3328. (IF=22.804)

[5] Q. Zhao, B. Chen, J. Li, X. Wang, M. Crocker, C. Shi*, Insights into the structure-activity relationships of highly efficient CoMn oxides for the low temperature NH3-SCR of NOxAppl. Catal., B, 277 (2020) 119215. (IF=19.503)

[6] B.B. Chen, B. Wu, L.M. Yu, M. Crocker, C. Shi*, Investigation into the Catalytic Roles of Various Oxygen Species over Different Crystal Phases of MnO2 for C6H6 and HCHO Oxidation, ACS Catal., 10 (2020) 6176-6187. (IF=13.084)

[7] X. Zhang, X. Zhu, L. Lin, S. Yao, M. Zhang, X. Liu, X. Wang, Y.W. Li, C. Shi*, D. Ma*, “Highly Dispersed Copper over β-Mo2C as an Efficient and Stable Catalyst for the Reverse Water Gas Shift (RWGS) Reaction”, ACS Catal., 7 (2017) 912-918. (IF=13.084)

[8] Z.S. Zhang, B.B. Chen, X.K. Wang, L. Xu, C. Au, C. Shi*, M. Crocker*, “NOx storage and reduction properties of model manganese-based lean NOx trap catalysts”, Appl. Catal., B, 165 (2015) 232-244. (IF=19.503)

[9] Q. Zhao, B. Chen, Z. Bai, L. Yu, M. Crocker*, C. Shi*, “Hybrid catalysts with enhanced C3Hresistance for NH3-SCR of NOx”. Appl. Catal., B, 242 (2019)161-170.  (IF=19.503)

[10] C. Dai, S. Zhang, A. Zhang, C. Song*, C. Shi*, X. Guo*, “Hollow zeolite encapsulated Ni-Pt bimetals for sintering and coking resistant dry reforming of methane”, J. Mater. Chem. A., 3 (2015) 16461-16468. (IF=12.732)

[11] S. Zhang, X.S. Li, B. Chen, X. Zhu*, C. Shi*, A.M. Zhu*, “CO Oxidation Activity at Room Temperature over Au/CeO2 Catalysts: Disclosure of Induction Period and Humidity Effect”, ACS Catal., 4 (2014) 3481-3489. (IF=13.094)

[12] Y. Wang, X. Zhu, M. Crocker, B. Chen, C. Shi*, “A comparative study of the catalytic oxidation of HCHO and CO over Mn0.75Co2.25O4 catalyst: the effect of moisture”, Appl. Catal., B, 160-161 (2014) 542-551. (IF=19.503)

Educational Experience

  • 1991.9 -- 1993.7

    Dalian Polytechnic University       Fine Chemicals       Bachelor's Degree

  • 1989.9 -- 1991.7

    Dalian No.20 senior high school       Science

  • 1996.9 -- 2001.12

    Dalian University of Technology       Chemistry       Doctoral Degree

Work Experience

  • 1993.7 -- 2004.4

    Dalian Polytechnic University      Research Director

  • 2004.4 -- Now

    Dalian university of technology      Associate Professor/Professor

Research Focus

  • Research interests focus on nano-catalysis and interface chemistry, with the emphasis on understanding the synergy between non-thermal plasma with catalysis at the nanoscale and discovering the special properties of nano-materials for catalytic applications in environmental catalysis and conversions of energy-related small molecules.