Zhang Zhao

Professor   Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates   Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Main positions:Professor in Process Mechanics


Alma Mater:Dalian University of Technology

Degree:Doctoral Degree

School/Department:Department of Engineering Mechanics, Dalian University of Technology

Discipline:mechanics of manufacturing process. Engineering Mechanics. Computational Mechanics

Business Address:Room 619,Integrated Laboratory building (1#)

Contact Information:+86-411-84708432 zhangz@dlut.edu.cn


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Master Degree Candidate

NO. Faculty/School Major Year
1 运载工程与力学学部 机械 2021

Doctoral Candidate

NO. Faculty/School Major Research Focus Year
1 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 计算力学 材料的本构、损伤和破坏 2021
2 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 计算力学 CAE技术和装备结构分析与优化 2021
3 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 计算力学 结构拓扑优化 2021
4 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 计算力学 再制造对象多物理场多尺度力学模型 2021
5 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 计算力学 基于微结构的金属复合材料力学计算 2021
6 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 轻质结构先进制造工艺力学 2021
7 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 结构振动与控制 2021
8 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 搅拌摩擦焊接数值模拟 2021
9 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 工程力学 计算材料学与材料设计 2021
10 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 固体力学 计算固体力学及其应用 2021
11 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 固体力学 先进材料力学 2021
12 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 固体力学 周期结构动力数值方法 2021
13 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 固体力学 制造工艺力学 2021
14 (主校区)运载工程与力学学部 固体力学 压水堆核电站埋地管线服役安全 2021


Zhang Zhao, Ph.D., Professor in Process Mechanics.

Editorial member in Coatings (IF:2.881) from 2020 to 2022.

Editorial member in Crystals (IF:2.589) from 2020 to 2022.

Younth editorial member in Journal of Central South University(IF:1.716) from 2020 to 2022.

Professor Zhang has published more than 60 SCI publications with over 1100 citations. He served as reviewers for more than 30 international journals. His main pulications can be found:



The scientific research focuses on experimental and numerical works on friction stir welding/processing/additive manufacturing, numerical modelling and simulation of additive manufacuring, topological design of phononic crystals, locomotive and high speed train design.