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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Academic Titles:Deputy director of the Department of Engineering Mechanics
Alma Mater:Dalian University of Technology
Degree:Doctoral Degree
Status:On the job
School/Department:Engineering Mechanics
Discipline:Engineering Mechanics Computational Mechanics Solid Mechanics
Business Address:Room 305, Engineering Mechanics Department Building
Contact Information:0411-84706832
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Personal Profile

Jun Yan, a professor and doctorate tutor of Dalian University of Technology, once a doctor in the same place.When he was a student in Dalian University of Technology, he learnt from the famous expert of engineering mechanics and optimum structure, academician Gengdong Cheng, and was assigned to do research and teaching work at department of engineering mechanics after that. Now, he is deputy director of the Department of Engineering Mechanics and Deputy Secretary General of the Liaoning Institute of mechanics. He mainly engaged in multi-scale topology optimization research of structured materials, the basic theory and Application Research of multi-functional structural topology optimization, multi-scale analysis and optimization of large and slender ratio marine flexible composite cable structure. Scientific research: He is responsible for 4 National Natural Science Foundations, national key research project, 1 sub project of national high-tech development plan (863) project, 4 enterprises (military) project. He published more than 90 papers on international and domestic academic journals and academic conferences, including 29 SCI journal papers, 55 EI papers (including double check), He was cited 232 times in SCI papers. His thesis won the special prize for the outstanding academic papers of Natural Science in Dalian. His research work once aroused the attention of domestic and foreign counterparts and substantive reference and was referenced in a substantial way, They evaluated his work as "important finding". He coauthored 1 independent chapter of an English monograph with Academician Gengdong Cheng. He compiled a planning textbook published by Science Publishing House. He has 4 authorized patents of invention. He was also invited to be the editorial board of IJSMDO, an international magazine. He presided over the parallel session of CJK Symposium on optimum structure. He has been invited to make an invitation report for 10 times. Through close collaboration, the enterprise which cooperates with him has achieved savings of 52 million 840 thousand yuan on umbilical cable products, which realized the breakthrough and demonstration of the core technology of umbilical cable in the underwater system for the first time in China. Teaching: He started working in optimum structure at the Department of engineering mechanics, Dalian University of Technology in July 2007. He teaches "computational structural mechanics", a compulsory course for the Department of engineering mechanics, and "structural topology optimization and material design" for graduate students. In the theory and practice of bilingual teaching, he received the support of the key graduate student teaching reform fund of Dalian University of Technology. He took charge of 2 educational reform subjects of the Dalian University of Technology, profiled a planning testbook of the "12th Five-Year" program published by the Science Press as the chief editor and wrote a number of teaching papers. He participated in a number of national, provincial level quality assessment projects as a backbone. He won the prize of excellent party members of the Dalian University of Technology in 2014.

Education Background

  • 2001.9 -- 2007.7

    大连理工大学       工程力学       Doctoral Degree

  • 1997.9 -- 2001.7

    大连理工大学       工程力学       Bachelor's Degree

Work Experience

  • 2015.12 -- 2016.10

    工程力学系      教授

  • 2010.12 -- 2015.12

    工程力学系      副教授

  • 2007.7 -- 2010.12

    工程力学系      讲师

Social Affiliations

  • 1.Communication review experts of the Mechanics Department of the Ministry of physics and mathematics, natural Fund Committee;
    2. Internet science evaluation expert  on technology award of Ministry of education;
    3. Special evaluationexperts  of high-tech ships in the Ministry of industry and information;
    4. review expert on national defense Bureau basic research project
    5.Deputy Secretary General of the Liaoning Institute of mechanics

  • 6. member of the world structure and multidisciplinary optimization Association;
    7. member of the world society for computational mechanics;

  • 8. as an editorial board of international journal International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (IJSMDO) , 2014.11.20-2016.11.19;
    9. 2014, act as a CO guest editor of the SCI magazine "Mathematical Problems in Engineering".  "Shape and Topology Optimization for Complicated Complicated",

  • 10. invited reviewers of《Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization》、《Engineering Optimization》、《ACTA MECHANICA SINICA》、《Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica》、《China Ocean Engineering》、《Journal of Marine Science and Application》、《中国科学G辑》、《力学学报》、《固体力学学报》、《计算力学学报》、《航空学报》、《华中科技大学学报》、《厦门大学学报》、《振动与冲击》etc.;

  • 11. the academic backbone of the innovation team of the Yangtze River scholar, the Ministry of education, "the theory, method and application of structural optimization", led by Professor  Xu Guo;
    12.Chinese academic backbone of  the Ministry of Education Science and engineering base plan (111 plan) led by Academician Changyu Shen

Research Focus

  • Structural and multidisciplinary optimization, analysis and optimization of multi scale structures and materials, design and verification of marine composite flexible pipe cable structure, structural optimization of large-scale software development