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Alma Mater:Dalian University of Technology
Degree:Doctoral Degree
School/Department:Department of Construction Management
Discipline:Project Management
Business Address:综合实验4号楼509室
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Dr Mingyuan ZHANG joined Dalian University of Technology in July 2008. She received her PhD degree in Civil Engineering Management in Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in 2008. From 2008 to 2014, she worked as a lecturer in Civil Engineering Management in Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering. During this career, she took a major responsibility in curriculum development and teaching, including Engineering Economics, GIS, and Engineering Estimation . To safeguard critical infrastructure under complicated environment and enhance their life-cycle performance, Dr Zhang focus her research attention on the techniques to assess the interaction in space and functional between two systems (even multi systems) based on the cascading acting procedure of single pipeline system after disturbing. Her contributions to research in critical infrastructure include the development of the cascading failure of a single lifeline system systematically , the development of model of nodal vulnerability under cascading failures and the development of evaluation of the system reliability with the properties of WDN and the characteristics of cascading failures, so as the improvement of its ability of resisting disasters. She attracted more than 5 grants from government and/or industry, including an NSFC project (51208081, ¥250,000) for 2013-2015 on the Research on the Cascading Failure Modeling and Risk Minimized Design of Lifeline Systems Based on Dynamic of Disaster Spreading. Her research findings was publicized on the “Reliability Engineering & System Safety”(ACSE Publicaiton) with a high citations. Externally, Dr Zhang is a Young member of The Architectural Society of China-Construction Management Research Sector(ASC-CMRS). She was an member of China Association for Disaster Prevention (CADP). She was awarded the first prize for Dalian advance of science and technology in 2010, and was awarded the third prize for Liaoning Province advance of science and technology in 2013. She was also given the title of Young Science & Technology Star of Dalian in 2015.

Educational Experience

  • 2003.9 -- 2008.7

    Dalian University of Technology       Construction Management       Doctoral Degree

  • 1999.9 -- 2003.7

    大连理工大学       工程管理       Bachelor's Degree

  • 1996.9 -- 1999.7


Work Experience

  • 2014.12 -- Now

    大连理工大学建设工程学部      副教授

  • 2008.7 -- 2014.12

    Dalian Univerisity of Technology      Faculty of Infrastructure and Hydraulic Engineering      讲师

Research Focus

  • 智慧施工
  • 韧性防灾
  • Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment under Complicated Environment
  • Engineering Risk Assessment