Professor   Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates   Supervisor of Master's Candidates


Alma Mater:Chinese Academy of Sciences

Degree:Doctoral Degree

School/Department:School of Mathematical Sciences

Discipline:Pure Mathematics. Applied Mathematics


Educational Experience

2005.9 -- 2010.6

Chinese Academy of Sciences       Mathmatics       Doctoral Degree

2001.9 -- 2005.6

Jilin University       Mathematics       Bachelor's Degree

1998.9 -- 2001.6

The First High School of Qixia City

Research Focus


Work Experience

2014.12 -- Now

大连理工大学数学科学学院      副教授

2017.9 -- 2018.9

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

2012.9 -- 2013.9

The Chinese University of Hong Kong      The Institute of Mathematical Sciences      Postdoc

2012.6 -- 2014.12

Dalian University of Technology      School of Mathematical Sciences      讲师      Lecturer, Associate Professor

2010.7 -- 2012.6

Peking University      School of Mathematical Sciences      讲师      Postdoc

Research Group

Seminar on Navier...

Since its incepti...


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