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Research Focus: Tumor molecular biology. Article: 1. Chen H; Xu Z; Li X; Yang Y; Li B; Li Y; Xia K; Wang J; Li S; Wang M ;Wu H, α-catenin SUMOylation Increases IκBα Stability and Inhibits Breast Cancer Progression, Oncogenesis. 2018. IF:5.0. 2. Miao Wang ; Yuxi Yang; Jian Xu; Wen Bai; Xueli Ren; Huijian Wu , CircRNAs as Biomarkers for Cancer: A Meta-Analysis, BMC Cancer. 2018. IF:3.2. 3. Wang M, Wu H, Li S, Xu Z, Li X, Yang Y, Li B, Li Y, Guo J, Chen H. SYNJ2BP promotes the degradation of PTEN through the lysosome-pathway and enhances breast tumor metastasis via PI3K/AKT/SNAI1 signaling. Oncotarget, IF:5.2. 2017,8(52):89692-706. 一区. 4. Jia Z#, Wang M#(共一作), Li S, Li X, Bai XY, Xu Z, Yang Y, Li B, Li Y, Wu H*. U-box ubiquitin ligase PPIL2 suppresses breast cancer invasion and metastasis by altering cell morphology and promoting SNAI1 ubiquitination and degradation. Cell Death and Disease, IF:5.9. 2017. 一区. 5. Zhao F#,Wang M#(共一作),Li S,Bai X,Bi H, Liu Y,Ao X,Jia Z,Wu H*,DACH1 inhibits SNAI1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition and represses breast
carcinoma metastasis. Oncogenesis. 2015;4:e143. 
 6. Bai XY, Qu X, Jiang X, Xu Z, Yang Y, Su Q, Wang M(通讯)*, Wu H*,Association between Dietary Vitamin C Intake and Risk of Prostate Cancer: A Meta-analysis Involving 103,658 Subjects. J Cancer 2015; 6(9):913-921. 
 7. Li S, Wang M , Qu X, Xu Z, Yang Y, Su Q, Wu H*, SUMOylation of PES1 Upregulates its Stability and Function via Inhibiting its Ubiquitination. Oncotarget. 2016. 
 8. Bi H,Li S,Qu X,Wang M,Bai X,Xu Z, Ao X,Jia Z,Yang Y,Wu H*,DEC1 regulates breast cancer cell proliferation by stabilizing cyclin E protein and delays the progression of cell cycle S phase. Cell Death and Disease. 2015,6:e1891. 
 9. Bi H,Li S,Wang, M,Jia Z,Chang A K.,Pang P,Wu, H*,SUMOylation of GPS2 protein regulates its transcription-suppressing function. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 2014;25(16): 2499-2508. 
 10. Wang M, Zhao F, Li S, Chang AK, Jia Z, Chen Y, Xu F, Pan H, Wu H. AIB1 cooperates with ERα to promote epithelial mesenchymal transition in breast cancer through SNAI1 activation. PLoS One IF:4.4. 2013 Jun 7;8(6):e65556. 11. Li S, Wang M, Ao X, Chang AK, Yang C, Zhao F, Bi H, Liu Y, Xiao L, Wu H. CLOCK is a substrate of SUMO and sumoylation of CLOCK upregulates the transcriptional activity of estrogen receptor-α. Oncogene IF7.4. 2013. 32(41):4883-91. 12. Yang C, Li S, Wang M, Chang AK, Liu Y, Zhao F, Xiao L, Han L, Wang D, Li S, Wu H. PTEN suppresses the oncogenic function of AIB1 through decreasing its protein stability via mechanism involving Fbw7 alpha. Mol Cancer IF:5.1. 2013 Mar 21;12:21. 13. Wang M, Bao YL, Wu Y, Yu CL, Meng XY, Huang YX, Sun Y, Zheng LH, Li YX. Basic FGF downregulates TSP50 expression via the ERK/Sp1 pathway. J Cell Biochem IF:3.0. 2010 Sep 1;111(1):75-81. 14. Xing X, Bi H, Chang AK, Zang MX, Wang M, Ao X, Li S, Pan H, Guo Q, Wu H. SUMOylation of AhR modulates its activity and stability through inhibiting its ubiquitination. J Cell Physiol IF:4.2. 2012 Dec;227(12):3812-9. 15. Wang M, Bao YL, Wu Y, Yu CL, Meng X, Xu HP, Li YX. Identification and characterization of the human testes-specific protease 50 gene promoter. DNA Cell Biol IF:2.3. 2008 Jun;27(6):307-14. 16. Huang Y, Wang Y, Wang M, Sun B, Li Y, Bao Y, Tian K, Xu H. Differential methylation of TSP50 and mTSP50 genes in different types of human tissues and mouse spermatic cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun IF:2.4. 2008 Oct 3;374(4):658-61.

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2007.9 2010.7

  • 东北师范大学
  • 植物学
  • Doctoral Degree

2004.9 2007.7

  • 东北师范大学
  • 细胞生物学
  • Master's Degree

2000.9 2004.7

  • 东北师范大学
  • 生物技术
  • Bachelor's Degree

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  • 大连理工大学
2011.9 2013.11
  • 化工环境生命学部博士后流动站

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  • tumor biology