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[1] Qiu, S., Wang, Z., Zhao, H., Qin, K., Li, Z., Hu, H. Inertial/magnetic sensors based pedestrian dead reckoning by means of multi-sensor fusion. Information Fusion, 39: 108–119, 2018.
[2] Qiu, S., Wang, Z., Zhao, H. Using Distributed Wearable Sensors to Measure and Evaluate Human Lower Limb Motions. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 65(4): 939–950, 2016.
[3] Qiu, S., Wang, Z., Zhao, H. Heterogeneous data fusion for three-dimensional gait analysis using wearable MARG sensors. International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering, 14(3): 222–233, 2017.
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[5] Qiu, S., Wang, Z., Wang. Gait Analysis for Physical Rehabilitation via Body-Worn Sensors and Multi-information Fusion. 12th EAI International Conference on Body Area Networks, pp. 1-6, 2017.
[6] Qiu, S., Yang, Y., Hou, J.Ambulatory estimation of 3D walking trajectory and knee joint angle using MARG Sensors. IEEE International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology, pp. 191–196, 2014.
[7] Wang, Z., Qiu, S., Cao, Z. and Jiang, M.Quantitative assessment of dual gait analysis based on inertial sensors with body sensor network. Sensor Review, 33(1): 48–56. 2013.
[8] Wang, Z., Qiu, S. Foot Motion Measurement for Home based Rehabilitation Using Distributed Wearable Sensor. 11th EAI International Conference on Body Area Networks, 1–6, 2015.
[9] Wang, Z., Zhao, H., Qiu, S., Gao, Q. Stance phase detection for ZUPT-aided foot-mounted pedestrian navigation system. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 20(6): 3170–3181. 2015.
[10] Wang, Z., Zhao, C., Qiu, S. A system of human vital signs monitoring and activity recognition based on body sensor network. Sensor Review, 34(1): 42–50, 2014.

  • Education Background
  • Work Experience
2009-9 | 2016-6
  • 大连理工大学
  • 控制理论与工程
  • Doctoral Degree

2013-10 | 2014-10
  • University of Essex
  • Computer Science and Technology

2005-9 | 2009-7
  • 大连理工大学
  • 自动化
  • Bachelor's Degree

2001-9 | 2005-7
  • 河南省实验中学

  • Social Affiliations
  • Research Focus
  • Local Chair (执行主席)
    12th International Conference on Body Area Networks (BodyNets 2017)

  • 期刊审稿:
    IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement;
    IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics;
    Biomedical Engineering;
    Sensor Review;
    Industrial Robot;

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Lecturer (University)
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Honors and Titles : INTECH 2014 (英国举办) 国际会议最佳论文奖
BAN 2017 国际会议最佳应用论文奖

Gender : Male

Alma Mater : 大连理工大学

Degree : Doctoral Degree

Status : On the job

School/Department : 控制科学与工程学院

Discipline : Control Theory and Control Engineering

Business Address : 创新园大厦 A732

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