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Template-engaged synthesis of macroporous tubular hierarchical alpha-Fe2O3 and its ultrafast transfer performance


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First Author:Tian, Peng

Correspondence Author:Ning, GL (reprint author), Dalian Univ Technol, Sch Chem Engn, 2 Linggong Rd, Dalian 116023, Peoples R China.

Co-author:Sun, Caixia,Zhu, Peihan,Pang, Hongchang,Gong, Weitao,Ye, Junwei,Ning, Guiling

Date of Publication:2018-08-16


Included Journals:SCIE


Page Number:261-265

ISSN No.:0009-2614

Abstract:The macroporous alpha-Fe2O3 tubular hierarchical structure has been synthesized by a facile template method. The macroporous alpha-Fe2O3 has high surface area (120 m(2) g(-1)) and pore volume (0.967 cm(3) g(-1)). To demonstrate its ultrafast mass transfer rate, this porous alpha-Fe2O3 was employed to remove Congo red from simulated waste-water. The adsorption process of Congo red on macroporous alpha-Fe2O3 can be finished within only 5 min, which is much faster than those of the other reported similar materials. This macroporous alpha-Fe2O3 will be very useful for catalysts support, adsorbent, and sensor, wherein accessibility of active sites is an important factor to enhance the performance. (C) 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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