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A Classification Method for Unrecognized Spatial Disorientation Based on Perceptual Process

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Indexed by:Journal Papers

Date of Publication:2020-01-01


Included Journals:SCIE


Page Number:140654-140660

ISSN No.:2169-3536

Key Words:Cognition; Information processing; Electroencephalography; Visualization; Functional magnetic resonance imaging; Accidents; Training; Cognition; EEG; perception; spatial disorientation

Abstract:Spatial disorientation (SD) is the pilot's wrong judgment of flight altitude, position, and motion in three-dimensional space during flight. SD is among the significant causes of flight accidents that seriously affect flight safety. Unrecognized SD causes most of these accidents. In this study, we analyzed the mechanism of unrecognized SD based on the brain's perceptual process. According to the process of sensation and perception, we put forth a new hypothesis of a classification method for unrecognized SD: unrecognized SD might be subdivided into insensate SD, unperceived SD, and perceived SD. There might be some meaningful differences in brain activity in EEG signals or fMRI between unperceived SD and perceived SD. The classification method in this study was proposed based on some related research reports and provided new ideas and methods for scholars to study unrecognized SD. If the hypothesis can be proved, it will provide a basis for scholars learning the mechanism of unrecognized SD and subsequently putting forward countermeasures in SD training. Moreover, as a consequence, the subdivision will contribute to pilot selection, and some specialized SD training for countermeasures could be put forward to reduce aircraft accidents.