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  111Welcome to professor Li G's personal homepage111

Welcome to Li G's personal home page, Now Mr. Li G  is  professor, Ph.D., the pariticipant of the program of New Century excellent Talents of Ministry of Education of China, mainly engaged in the field of "Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Method of Structures", "Seismic and Vibration Reduction of Structures", "Design and Analysis of Steel Structures ","Wind Resistance of Village Building "research work. Under the lead of the teacher of  Li G, our  research team in “Rigorous , Factualism, Efficient and Innovation" for the purpose of scientific research, promoted everyone to actively carry out research work in the field of scientific research; Harmony, Unity for the purpose of life for everyone to establish a mutual love of the collective. The home page of our research team's provides a detailed introduction in research work, teaching work, student information and other aspects, visit the interest modules of the homepage can get more detailed information, at the same time, welcome new members to join the professor Li G’s research team, let us go forward in the field of scientific research together , make progress together.

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A new paper on seismic collapse analysis of CBFs using IDA are now available                                  2017-09-02
Gang Li, Zhi-Qian Dong, Hong-Nan Li, Y. B. Yang. “Seismic collapse analysis   of concentrically-brace  

frames by the IDA method.” Advance  Steel Construction.  

A new paper on wind-induced Interference effect of low-rise building are now available                  2017-08-15

Gang Li, Shi Gan, Yong-xin Li, Li Wang. “Wind-induced interference effects on low-rise  buildings

with gable roof,” Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics  

The 3rd Huixian International Forum on Earthquake  Engineering for Young Researchers               2017-08-11

       Gang Li , Zhi-qian Dong and Shi Gan participated in the 3rd Huixian

       International  Form on Earthquake Engineering for Young Researchers. 

       Congratulations to Zhi-qian Dong  presented his paper “A simplified

      method for seismic response  stimation of low-ductility concentrically braced

frames” at the conference.

 The 2rd Huixian International Forum on Earthquake  Engineering for Young Researchers               2016-08-15

          Gang Li, and his students participated in the 2rd Huixian International Forum on

        Earthquake Engineering for Young Researchers. Congratulations to Gang Li 

       presented the paper “A plasticity-separated   finited element method for

      nonlinear analysis of building  strutures” at the conference.