Seismic response analysis of reinforced concrete frames using inelasticity-separated fiber beam-column model



第一作者:Li, Gang

通讯作者:Li, G (reprint author), Dalian Univ Technol, State Key Lab Coastal & Offshore Engn, Dalian 116024, Peoples R China.

合写作者:Yu, Ding-Hao,Li, Hong-Nan








关键字:inelasticity-separated; RC framed structures; seismic response; Woodbury formula

摘要:Evaluating the inelastic seismic response of structures accurately is of great importance in earthquake engineering and generally requires refined simulation, which is a time-consuming process. Because the material nonlinearity generally occurs in a small part of the whole structure, many researches focus on taking advantage of this characteristic to improve the computational efficiency and the inelasticity-separated finite element method (IS-FEM) proposed recently provide a generic finite element formulation for solving this kind of problems efficiently. Although the fiber beam-column element is widely used for the simulation of reinforced concrete (RC) framed structures, the inelastic deformation is often detected in a large part of the numerical model under earthquake excitation so that it is hard to achieve high efficient computation when applying the IS-FEM to the inelastic response analysis of RC fiber models directly. In this paper, a new numerical scheme for seismic response analysis of RC framed structures model by fiber beam-column element is proposed based on the IS-FEM. To implement the RC fiber model for use in IS-FEM and improve the computational performance of proposed scheme, a method of identifying the local domains with severe section inelasticity level is proposed and a modified Kent-Park concrete material model is developed. Because the Woodbury formula is adopted as the solver, the global stiffness matrix can keep unchanged throughout the analysis and the main computational effort is only invested on a small matrix representing local inelastic behavior. The numerical examples demonstrate the validity and efficiency of the proposed scheme.