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Dr. Yunhe Jin

School of Chemistry, Associate Professor, Doctoral Supervisor


In 2009, Yunhe Jin was admitted to the Basic Science Class of Chemistry and Biology in the Department of Chemistry of Tsinghua University with the second place in the total score of Liaoning Provincial College Entrance examination. In 2013, Jin obtained the Bachelor of Science degree and was recommended to pursue the doctoral degree in the Department of Chemistry of Tsinghua University under the supervision of Professor Fu Hua. In July 2018, Jin obtained the doctorate degree of Science and joined Zhang Dayu School of Chemistry (now School of Chemistry) of Dalian University of Technology, collaborating with the research team of Professor Chunying Duan in the State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals. His main research areas are metal-organic supramolecular materials for energy conversion and photo/electro-catalysis, and the development of green organic synthesis with clean energy. Jin has published more than 30 papers in many high-level academic journals, including Chem. Soc. Rev., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Green Chem., Org. Lett., etc.. Numbers of them were chosen as cover papers and hot papers. Jin has won many awards, such as the National Scholarship from Ministry of Education, Outstanding doctoral graduates of Tsinghua University, Outstanding doctoral thesis of Tsinghua University, and "Sailing Award" of Tsinghua University. 

Postdoc in organic synthetic chemistry and metal-organic supramolecular photochemistry is sincerely invited to join us and work together! 

Our research group has rich development and research experience in the catalytic conversion of light alkanes, and the design and synthesis of functional molecules and pharmaceutical intermediates. We sincerely invite all kinds of enterprises and institutions to cooperate with our group to create a brilliant future!


Representative publications

Jinglan Lei, Min Li,* Qingqing Zhang, Shuyang Liu, Haifang Li, Lei Shi, Wen-Feng Jiang, Chunying Duan, and Yunhe Jin*. Visible-Light-Induced Radical Cascade Cross-Coupling via C(sp3)−H Activation and C−N/N−O Cleavage: Feasible Access to Methylenebisamide Derivatives. Org. Lett.202325, 2300−2305.


Qingqing Zhang, Yunhe Jin,* Lin Ma, Yongqiang Zhang, Changgong Meng, Chunying Duan,* Chromophore-inspired design of pyridinium-based metal-organic polymers for dual photoredox catalysis. [Hot paper & back cover] Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.202261, e202204918.

ZQQ-ACIE.jpg  ZQQ-ACIE-cover.jpg

Qingqing Zhang, Shuyang Liu, Jinglan Lei, Changgong Meng, Chunying Duan, Yunhe Jin*. Iron-catalyzed photoredox functionalization of methane and heavier gaseous alkanes: scope, kinetics, and computational studies. Org. Lett. 202224, 1901−1906.


Xinyao Wang, Qingqing Zhang, Shuyang Liu, Min Li*, Haifang Li*, Chunying Duan, Yunhe Jin*. Visible light-induced metal-free benzylation of quinones via cross dehydrogenation coupling reaction. Chin. J. Org. Chem. 2022, 42, 1443−1452.


Yunhe Jin,*† Lifang Wang†, Qingqing Zhang, Yongqiang Zhang, Qian Liao, Chunying Duan*. Photo-induced direct alkynylation of methane and other light alkanes by iron catalysis. [Hot article] Green Chem., 202123, 94069411.


Yongqiang Zhang,† Yunhe Jin,*† Lifang Wang, Qingqing Zhang, Changgong Meng, Chunying Duan*. Selective C(sp3)–H activation of simple alkanes: visible light-induced metal-free synthesis of phenanthridines with H2O2 as sustainable oxidants. [Hot article] Green Chem. 202123, 6926−6930.


Yunhe Jin,*† Qingqing Zhang,† Lifang Wang, Xinyao Wang, Changgong Meng, Chunying Duan*. Convenient C(sp3)–H bond functionalisation of light alkanes and other compounds by iron photocatalysis. [Hot article] Green Chem. 202123, 6984−6989.


Yunhe Jin, Qingqing Zhang, Yongqiang Zhang, Chunying Duan*. Electron transfer in the confined environments of metal–organic coordination supramolecular systems. Chem. Soc. Rev. 202049, 5561−5600.


Yunhe Jin, Lunyu Ou, Haijun Yang, Hua Fu*. Visible light-mediated aerobic oxidation of N-alkylpyridinium salts under organic photocatalysis. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017139, 14237−14243.


Yunhe Jin, Hua Fu*. Visible-light photoredox decarboxylative couplings. [Highly cited paper & inside cover] Asian J. Org. Chem. 20176, 368-385.

 JYH-AJOC.jpg  JYH-AJOC-cover.jpg

Yunhe Jin, Haijun Yang, Hua Fu*. Thiophenol-catalyzed visible-light photoredox decarboxylative couplings of N-(acetoxy)phthalimides. Org. Lett. 201618, 6400-6403.


Yunhe Jin, Haijun Yang, Hua Fu*. An N-(acetoxy)phthalimide motif as a visible-light pro-photosensitizer in photoredox decarboxylative arylthiation. Chem. Commun. 201652, 12909-12912.


Yunhe Jin, Min Jiang, Hui Wang, Hua Fu*. Installing amino acids and peptides on N-heterocycles under visible-light assistance. Sci. Rep. 20166, 20068.





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2009-9 | 2013-7
  • Tsinghua University
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2006-9 | 2009-6
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