Fusheng Li


Date of Birth:1985-05-02

Alma Mater:瑞典皇家理工学院


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Fusheng Li is working on Physical Chemistry. My main research goal is to develop catalysts and devices for solar-chemical transformations of relevance to synthesis, energy and sustainability. Current research topics include: (i) reaction mechanisms of artificial catalysts for water splitting; (ii) photoelectrochemical (PEC) cells for solar fuels production; (iii) proton-coupled electron transfer (PECT) reactions.



Ph.D. in Chemistry, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, 2011/09 – 2016/02. Advisor: Prof. Licheng Sun

M.S. in applied Chemistry, Dalian University of Technology, P. R. China, 2008/09 – 2011/09. Advisor: Prof. Xiaojun Peng and Prof. Shiguo Sun

B.S. in applied Chemistry, Dalian University of Technology, P. R. China. 2004/09 – 2008/09. Advisor: Prof. Fengyu Liu



Tenure-Track Associate Professor. Dalian University of Technology, P. R. China, 2018/06 –

Postdoctoral Scholar. Dalian University of Technology, P. R. China, 2016/04 – 2018/03. Advisor: Prof. Licheng Sun


Reviewer of Dalton Transactions,  Chem. Commun., Chinese Journal of Catalysis


   (* denotes corresponding author)

(31) Qiming Zhuo, Shaoqi Zhan, Lele Duan, Chang Liu, Xiujuan Wu, Mårten S G Ahlquist, Fusheng Li,* and Licheng Sun

Tuning the O–O Bond Formation Pathways of Molecular Water Oxidation Catalyst on Electrode Surface via Second Coordination Sphere Engineering

Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 2020,  In Press

(30) Fusheng Li,*, Yingzheng Li, Qiming Zhuo, Dinghua Zhou, Yilong Zhao, Ziqi Zhao, Xiujuan Wu, Yu Shan, and Licheng Sun*

Electroless Plating of NiFeP Alloy on the Surface of Silicon Photoanode for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 11479-11488.

(29) Fusheng Li*, Ziqi Zhao, Hao Yang, Dinghua Zhou, Yilong Zhao, Yingzheng Li, Wenlong Li, Xiujuan Wu, Peili Zhang and Licheng Sun*

Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting with CoOx Catalyst Prepared by Flame Assisted Deposition

Dalton Trans. 2020, 49, 588-592.

    (28) Wenlong Li, Fusheng Li*, Hao Yang, Xiujuan Wu, Peili Zhang, Yu Shan and Licheng Sun* (co-first author)

A bio-inspired coordination polymer as outstanding water oxidation catalyst via second coordination sphere engineering

Nat. Commun., 201910, 5074.

(27) Fusheng Li*, Rui Xu, Chengming Nie, Xiujuan Wu, Peili Zhang, Lele Duan and Licheng Sun*

Dye-sensitized LaFeO3 photocathode for solar-driven Hgeneration

Chem. Commun., 201955, 12940-12943.

(26) Peili Zhang, Xia Sheng, Xiaoyu Chen, Zhiyong Fang, Jian Jiang, Mei Wang, Fusheng Li, Lizhou Fan, Yansong Ren, Biaobiao Zhang, Brian J. J. Timmer, Marten S. G. Ahlquist and  Licheng Sun*

Paired Electrocatalytic Oxygenation and Hydrogenation of Organic Substrates with Water as the Oxygen and Hydrogen Source

Angew. Chem.2019131, 9253-9257.

(25) Hao Yang, Fusheng Li, Xiujuan Wu,* Peili Zhang, Wenlong Li, Suyan Cao, Yu Shan and Licheng Sun (co-first author)

Improving the performance of water splitting electrodes by composite plating with nano-SiO2

Electrochim. Acta2018281, 60-68.

    (24) Fusheng Li, Hao Yang, Wenlong Li and Licheng Sun*

Device Fabrication for Water Oxidation, Hydrogen Generation, and CO2 Reduction via Molecular Engineering

Joule 20182, 36-60.

(23) Ke Fan,* Haiyuan Zou, Yue Lu,* Hong Chen, Fusheng Li, Jinxuan Liu, Licheng Sun, Lianpeng Tong, Michael F. Toney, Manling Sui and Jiaguo Yu*

Direct Observation of Structural Evolution of Metal Chalcogenide in Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation

ACS Nano201812, 12369-12379.

(22) Quentin Daniel, Lele Duan, Brian J. J. Timmer, Hong Chen, Xiaodan Luo, Ram Ambre, Ying Wang,§ Biaobiao Zhang, Peili Zhang, Lei Wang, Fusheng Li, Junliang Sun, Mårten Ahlquist and Licheng Sun*

Water Oxidation Initiated by In Situ Dimerization of the Molecular Ru(pdc) Catalyst

ACS Catal.20188, 4375-4382.

(21) Xiujuan Wu, Yimeng Zhao, Tongyu Xing, Peili Zhang, Fusheng Li, Husileng Lee,Fei Li and Licheng Sun*

Hierarchically Structured FeNiOxHy Electrocatalyst Formed by In Situ Transformation of Metal Phosphate for Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction

ChemSusChem201811, 1761-1767.

(20) Quentin Daniel, Ping Huang, Ting Fan, Ying Wang, Lele Duan, Lei Wang, Fusheng Li, Zilvinas Rinkevicius, Fikret Mamedov, Mårten S.G. Ahlquist, Stenbjörn Styring and Licheng Sun*

Rearranging from 6- to 7-coordination initiates the catalytic activity: An EPR study on a Ru-bda water oxidation catalyst

Coord. Chem. Rev. 2017346, 206-215.

(19) Quentin Daniel, Ram B. Ambre, Biaobiao Zhang, Bertrand Philippe, Hong Chen, Fusheng Li, Ke Fan, Sareh Ahmadi, Håkan Rensmo, and Licheng Sun*

Re-Investigation of Cobalt Porphyrin for Electrochemical Water Oxidation on FTO Surface: Formation of CoOx as Active Species

ACS Catal. 20177, 1143−1149.

(18) Peili Zhang, Hong Chen, Mei Wang, Yong Yang, Jian Jiang, Biaobiao Zhang, Lele Duan, Quentin Daniel, Fusheng Li and Licheng Sun*

Gas-templating of hierarchically structured Ni-Co-P for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution

J. Mater. Chem. A, 20175, 7564-7570.

(17) Fan Ke, Chen Hong, Ji Yongfei, Huang Hui, Claesson Per Martin, Daniel Quentin, Philippe Bertrand, Rensmo Håkan, Fusheng Li, Luo Yi, Licheng Sun*

Nickel–vanadium monolayer double hydroxide for efficient electrochemical water oxidation

Nat. Commun. 20167, 11981.

(16) Masanori Yamamoto, Lei Wang, Fusheng Li, Takashi FukushimaKoji Tanaka, Licheng Sun* and Hiroshi Imahori *

Visible light-driven water oxidation using a covalently-linked molecular catalyst–sensitizer dyad assembled on a TiO2 electrode

Chem. Sci.20167, 1430-1439.

     (15) Quentin Daniel, Lei Wang, Lele Duan, Fusheng Li and Licheng Sun*

Tailored design of ruthenium molecular catalysts with 2,2’-bypyridine-6,6’-dicarboxylate and pyrazole based ligands for water oxidat

Dalton Trans.,201645, 14689–14696.

     (14) Fusheng Li, Ke Fan, Bo Xu, Erik Gabrielsson, Quentin Daniel, Lin Li, and Licheng Sun*

Dye-Sensitized tandem photoelectrochemical cell for light driven total water splitting

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2015137, 9153-9159.

(13) Fusheng Li, Ke Fan, Lei Wang, Quentin Daniel, Lele Duan, and Licheng Sun *

Immobilizing Ru(BDA) catalyst on a photoanode via electrochemical polymerization for light-driven water splitting

ACS Catal. 20155, 3786−3790.

(12) Ke Fan, Fusheng Li, Lei Wang, Quentin Daniel, Hong Chen, Erik Gabrielsson, Junliang Sun and Licheng Sun* (co-first author)

Immobilization of a molecular ruthenium catalyst on hematite nanorod arrays for water oxidation with stable photocurrent

ChemSusChem 20158, 3242-3247.

    (11) Lele Duan, Lei Wang, Fusheng Li, Fei Li, and Licheng Sun*

Highly Efficient Bioinspired Molecular Ru Water Oxidation Catalysts with Negatively Charged Backbone Ligands

Acc. Chem. Res. 2015, 48, 2084−2096.

(10) Lei Wang, Mohammad Mirmohades, Allison Brown, Lele Duan, Fusheng Li, Quentin Daniel, Reiner Lomoth, Licheng Sun* and Leif Hammarström*

Sensitizer-Catalyst Assemblies for Water Oxidation
Inorg. Chem. 201554, 2742-2751.

(9) Lei Wang, Ke Fan, Quentin Daniel, Lele Duan, Fusheng Li, Bertrand Philippe, Håkan Rensmo, Hong Chen, Junliang Sun, and Licheng Sun*

Electrochemical Driven Water Oxidation by Molecular Catalysts in situ Polymerized on the Surface of Graphite Carbon Electrode
Chem. Commun. 201551, 7883-7886.

(8) Erik GabrielssonHaining Tian, Susanna K Eriksson, Jiajia Gao, Hong Chen, Fusheng Li, Johan Oscarsson, Junliang Sun, Håkan Rensmo, Lars Kloo, Anders Hagfeldt, and Licheng Sun*

Dipicolinic acid: a strong anchoring group with tunable redox and spectral behavior for stable dye-sensitized solar

Chem. Commun201551, 3858-3861.

(7) Fusheng LiLin LiLianpeng TongQuentin Daniel, Mats Göthelid, and Licheng Sun*

Immobilization of a molecular catalyst on carbon nanotubes for highly efficient electro-catalytic water oxidation

Chem. Commun201450, 13948-13951.

(6) Ke FanFusheng LiLei Wang, Quentin Daniel, Erik Gabrielsson, and Licheng Sun (co-first author)

Electrode Pt-free tandem molecular photoelectrochemical cells for water splitting driven by visible light

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 201416, 25234-25240.

(5) Fusheng Li, Yongqian Xu, Hongjuan Li, Chaoxia Wang, Aiping Lu, Shiguo Sun*

Discrimination of DNA from RNA with the host-guest complexes of tricyclic basic dyes and cucurbit[8]uril

New J. Chem. 201438, 1396-1400.

(4) Shiguo Sun,Fusheng Li, Fengyu Liu, Jitao Wang; Xiaojun Peng (co-first author)

Fluorescence detecting of paraquat using host-guest chemistry with cucurbit[8]uril

Sci. Rep20144. 3570-3574.

     (3) Fengyu Liu, Wei Li, Fusheng Li, Shiguo Sun*

Determination of hydrazine hydrate based on electrochemiluminescence of Ru(bpy)32+

Environ. Monit. Assess. 2013, 185, 4153.

(2) Shiguo Sun, Fusheng Li, Fengyu Liu, Xue Yang, Jiangli Fan, Fengling Song, Licheng Sun and Xiaojun Peng*

Synthesis and ECL performance of highly efficient bimetallic ruthenium tris-bipyridyl complexes

Dalton Trans. 201241, 12434.

(1) Shiguo Sun, Wenyan Gao, Fengyu Liu, Fusheng Li, Jiangli Fan, Xiaojun Peng*

Redox-induced Ru(bpy)32+-methylviologen radical formation and its dimerization in cucurbit[8]uril

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 201113, 570.


(1)  刘凤玉,孙世国,李伟,李福胜,一种电化学发光检测水合肼的方法, 201228日,中国,专利号:ZL 201010291351.4

(2) 孙世国,刘凤玉,李福胜,染料与八元瓜环自组装化合物用于作为荧光探针的应用, 2011127日,中国,专利号:CN201110154078.5



 (1) 60批中国博士后科学基金面上资助项目一等资助,2016M600200,电极表面水氧化机理研究,2016/09-2018/098万元,主持

 (2) 10批中国博士后科学基金特别资助,2017T100173,光阳极电极表面水氧化机理研究,2017/09-2019/0915万,主持。

 (3) 国家自然科学基金面上项目,21072024,染料与八元瓜环自组装型分子信标,2011/01-2013/1236万元,已结题,参与。


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