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Indexed by:期刊论文

Date of Publication:2022-06-29

Journal:光电子 激光

Affiliation of Author(s):机械工程学院



Page Number:959-963

ISSN No.:1005-0086

Abstract:This paper first introduces the Maximally Stable Extremal Region (MSER)
   detector,which is affine invariant.According to disjoint-set forests
   data structure and union-find,the extremal regions are
   extracted.And,combing the component tree and maximally stable extremal
   condition,the MSERs are obtained.Then the SIFT descriptors,which are
   used as local feature at low level,are produced in the MSER and then
   clustered into the visual "words".By using standard weighting,the query
   region is selected by the rectangle in the retrieval image.Based on the
   similarity of database images and the query regions,the image retrieval
   results are ranked.With spatial consistency measurement rule of regions
   matching method of search unit,the image retrieval results are
   obtained.The experiment shows these distinctive feature regions are
   invariant to the change in scale,rotation,translation and viewpoint,and
   the retrieval mechanism also improves the performance and reliability of
   image retrieve system greatly.


Date of Publication:2022-06-29

Sun Jing

Gender:Female Alma Mater:大连理工大学 Main positions:伯川书院执行院长 Other Post:机械工程国家级实验教学示范中心主任 Degree:Doctoral Degree School/Department:机械工程学院 Business Address:大连理工大学知方楼7009房间 Contact Information:13516059116 E-Mail:sunjing@dlut.edu.cn