Tiexin Zhang

Personal Information

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Associate Professor   Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates   Supervisor of Master's Candidates  


2002—2006 Zhejiang University (China), Department of Chemistry, B.Sc 2006—2011 Zhejiang University (China), Department of Chemistry, PhD, Major: Organic Chemistry, Supervisor : Prof. Xian HUANG (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Research Area: Organic Synthesis 2011—2012 Université de Genève (Swiss),Organic Chemistry Department,Postdoc researcher, Cooperation Supervisor:Prof. E. Peter Kündig, Research Area: Organometallic chemistry and Organic Synthesis 2012—2014 Kyoto University (Japan), Department of Chemistry, Postdoc researcher,Cooperation Supervisor:Prof. Keiji Maruoka,Research Area: Photocatalysis, Radical Chemistry, and Organic Synthesis 2014-present Dalian University of Technology, The State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals, Lecturer, Research Area: Metal-Organic Framework, Photocatalysis, Heterogeneous Catalysis, New Material Design for Applied Chemistry and Clean Energy, Organic Synthesis

Educational Experience

2006.9 2011.6

  • 浙江大学
  • 有机化学
  • Doctoral Degree

2002.10 2006.6

  • 浙江大学
  • 化学
  • Bachelor's Degree

1999.9 2002.7

  • 吉林省四平市第一高级中学

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2018.12 Now
  • 大连理工大学
  • 副教授
2014.2 Now
  • 大连理工大学
  • 讲师
2012.8 2014.2
  • 日本京都大学
  • 博士后

Social Affiliations

Research Focus

  • 1) 限域电子转移型金属有机框架材料的设计及其在光、电催化中的应用

    2) 金属有机框架限域催化的“择型”选择性研究

    3) 金属有机框架拟酶催化研究

    4) 非均相催化体系在碳氢键活化、氟化学、自由基化学领域的反应方法学研究

    5) 面向CO2, N2, H2O, CH4等能源小分子光、电清洁催化转化的配位多孔材料