Zhen Zhang   

Lecturer (University)
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

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Personal Information

Zhen Zhang received his Ph. D. in management science and engineering from Dalian University of Technology in 2014, supervised by Prof. Chonghui Guo. He also holds a B.S. in Engineering Management from China University of Petroleum (East China). From Oct. 2012 to Nov. 2013, he was a visiting Ph. D. student with the Decision Systems and e-Service Intelligence Laboratory, Centre for Quantum Computation & Intelligent Systems, University of Technology, Sydney under the supervision of Prof. Jie Lu (IEEE Fellow & IFSA Fellow) and A/Prof. Guangquan Zhang. He was also a visiting scholar with the Department of Computer Science, University of Jaén from Nov. 2016 to Dec. 2016. He is now an assistant professor with the Institute of Systems Engineering, Faculty of Management and Economics, Dalian University of Technology, as well as a core member of the Creative Research Group supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). His current research interests include computing with words, group decision making, multi-criteria decision making, preference modelling, bi-level decision making and clustering algorithms with applications. His work has been published on refereed journals and conference proceedings, including Journal of the Operational Research Society (JORS), IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, Knowledge-Based Systems (KBS), Computers & Industrial Engineering (CAIE), Expert Systems with Applications, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, International Journal of Systems Science, Physica A and Applied Mathematical Modelling, among others. He is the principal investigator of two research projects funded by the NSFC and the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, as well as a chief investigator of other research projects funded by the NSFC and the Chinese Ministry of Education. Since 2010, he has been a peer reviewer for more than 30 ISI-indexed international journals and 10 international conferences, such as IEEE TFS, IEEE TSMC, IEEE TEM, CAIE, JORS, KBS and Omega. Dr. Zhang servers as the vice secretary-general of the Business Intelligence Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Management Modernization (CSMM) and the secretary of the Big Data and Knowledge Management Branch Editorial Board, Management Science and Engineering Volume of Encyclopedia of China (The 3rd edition), and he is also a member of IEEE CIS, IEEE SMC, Operations Research Society of China (ORSC), China Computer Federation (CCF) and Systems Engineering Society of China.

Education Background

  • 2008.9-2014.11  

    Dalian University of Technology       Management Science and Engineering       Ph. D.

  • 2012.10-2013.11  

    University of Technology, Sydney       Information Technology       Joint Training Ph.D Student

  • 2004.9-2008.7  

    China University of Petroleum (East China)       Engineering Management       Bachelor

Work Experience

  • 2016.11-2016.12

    University of Jaén      Department of Computer Science      Visiting Scholar

  • 2015.1-Now

    Dalian University of Technology      Faculty of Management and Economics      Postdoctoral Fellow

  • 2014.11-Now

    Dalian University of Technology      Institute of Systems Engineering      Assistant Professor

Research Group

Team Name :

Research Group for Intelligent Decision Making

Team Introduction :

Address: No.2 Linggong Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, P.R.C., 116024

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