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Professor   Supervisor of Master's Candidates  

Main positions:创新创业学院副院长兼纪委书记


Dr. Zhenyu Wu, associate professor. The vice director of School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Dalian University of Technology. The director of China education society of electronics. A member of Robot Competition and ROBOCUP Competition Committee. Vice director of the National Electronic Design Competition Liaoning division committee. The core member of 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center of Major Machine Manufacturing. He graduated from School of Communication and Electronic system of Dalian University of Technology, received master degree from Dalian University of Technology where he stayed for teaching in 1998. In 2014, he received doctor's degree in Computer Application Technology. His researches include intelligent control, robot, embedded applications, wireless sensor information processing, especially on robot control and data processing. As the main member participated in three National Natural Science Foundation projects, a lot of research work has been done in the robot control method and data processing. He also participated in the New Century Educational Reform Project from the Ministry of Education, the Key Project of National Soft-science Research Plan from Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Education Scientific Plan Project and Education Scientific Planning Project of Liaoning province for nearly 10 times. He has won the first prize of Liaoning province Teaching Achievement. Responsible for more than 20 enterprises entrust transverse project with research fund for more than 3000 thousand yuan, successively completed inspection robot in cable trench, special-shaped wheeled robot, six feet deformed foot type robot, vehicle fatigue driving system and so on, he obtained rich project management experience and practical experience. He has published over fifty articles in many academic journals and international conferences, 12 of them can be searched by EI. With strong theoretical research foundation, He has published five monographs and edited a academic monographs. The teams or students coached by him won the champions of the China ROBOCUP Robot Competition in 2009 and 2010, multiple first price of National Smart-car Competition and National Electronic Design Competition, the highest price of National Electronic Design Competition and National Embedded system competition. He also received the National Outstanding Teacher Award of the tenth anniversary of the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest and the Outstanding Teacher Award and the Outstanding Organization Award of the Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest of Liaoning Province.

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2008.9 2014.5

  • 大连理工大学
  • 计算机应用技术
  • Doctoral Degree

1988.9 1991.7

  • 甘肃省定西中学

1995.9 1998.7

  • 大连理工大学
  • 通信与电子系统
  • Master's Degree

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2013.5 Now
  • 大连理工大学创新实验学院
  • 副院长
2009.3 2013.5
  • 大连理工大学创新实验学院
  • 实验中心常务副主任
2008.3 2009.3
  • 大连理工大学创新实验学院
  • 创新实验中心副主任

Social Affiliations

2016.4 2019.4

  • 常务理事(中国电子教育学会)

2015.5 2018.5

  • 副主任委员,专家组成员(辽宁省电子设计竞赛组委会)

2018.8 2022.8

  • 大连市人工智能与计算机辅助教育学会,理事长

Research Focus

  • Intelligent control Robotics Embedded system
  • 机器学习 路径规划 优化控制 传感器数据融合 嵌入式系统设计及应用

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