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依托“三创”实践基地培养工程人才创造力的实践 研究


Leading Scientist:Fudongjuan

Project Participants:Lin Feng,wu zhenyu,Bo Jin,zhangwei,chenaoce,Jaff

Supported by:教育部人文、社科规划项目

Sub-Class of Project:工程人才专项项目


Supported by:教育部社会科学司

Nature of Project:纵向

Project Approval Number:16JDGC004

Date of Project Approval:2016-07-01

Scheduled completion time:2019-07-01

Date of Project Initiation:2016-07-01

Date of Project Completion:2021-12-30

Pre One:基于多视角的网络暴力敏感图像识别技术研究

Next One:基于机器学习理论的MOOC大数据用户行为分析研究