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Resistance ceramic-filled annular welding of thin steel sheets


Indexed by:Journal Papers

Date of Publication:2019-09-01


Included Journals:EI、SCIE


Page Number:588-594

ISSN No.:1526-6125

Key Words:Ceramic-filled annular electrode; Resistance welding; High strength steel

Abstract:To meet the requirements of automobiles for high-strength steel welding and thin-sheet welding, a composite ceramic-filled annular electrode (A-electrode) was designed by controlling welding energy distribution. By embedding a circular non-conductive ceramic rod in the center of a conventional copper electrode, the welding heat changed from centralization in the center of the nugget of traditional spot welding to a more dispersed annular distribution. As a result, an annular nugget that corresponds to the annular copper end face was formed. Given the energy dispersion, a higher current was required to bond the sheets by the A-electrode than that by a traditional electrode. However, the indentation depth on the surface of the nugget decreased effectively. The stress distribution indicated that the stress was concentrated at the edge of the nugget under the load, and the unconnected part in the middle did not affect the strength. The size of the annular nugget was designed by adjusting the structure of the A-electrode. The strength of the nugget could be improved by forming a large nugget area.

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