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Title of Paper:From Dictionary of Visual Words to Subspaces: Locality-constrained Affine Subspace Coding


Date of Publication:2015-06-07

Included Journals:EI、CPCI-S、Scopus


Page Number:2348-2357

Abstract:The locality-constrained linear coding (LLC) is a very successful feature coding method in image classification. It makes known the importance of locality constraint which brings high efficiency and local smoothness of the codes. However, in the LLC method the geometry of feature space is described by an ensemble of representative points (visual words) while discarding the geometric structure immediately surrounding them. Such a dictionary only provides a crude, piecewise constant approximation of the data manifold. To approach this problem, we propose a novel feature coding method called locality-constrained affine subspace coding (LASC). The data manifold in LASC is characterized by an ensemble of subspaces attached to the representative points (or affine subspaces), which can provide a piecewise linear approximation of the manifold. Given an input descriptor, we find its top-k neighboring subspaces, in which the descriptor is linearly decomposed and weighted to form the first-order LASC vector. Inspired by the success of usage of higher-order information in image classification, we propose the second-order LASC vector based on the Fisher information metric for further performance improvement. We make experiments on challenging benchmarks and experiments have shown the LASC method is very competitive.

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