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Title of Paper:Blind single image super-resolution with a mixture of deep networks


First Author:Wang, Yifan

Correspondence Author:Wang, HY (reprint author), Dalian Univ Technol, Sch Informat & Commun Engn, Dalian 116024, Peoples R China.

Co-author:Wang, Lijun,Wang, Hongyu,Li, Peihua,Lu, Huchuan

Date of Publication:2020-06-01


Included Journals:EI、SCIE


ISSN No.:0031-3203

Key Words:Blind super-resolution; Mixture of networks; Blur kernels; Lower bound; Latent variables

Abstract:Existing deep neural network based image super-resolution (SR) methods are mostly designed for nonblind cases, where the blur kernel used to generate the low-resolution (LR) images is assumed to be known and fixed. However, this assumption does not hold in many real scenarios. Motivated by the observation that SR of LR images generated by different blur kernels are essentially different but also correlated, we propose a mixture model of deep networks, which is capable of clustering SR tasks of different blur kernels into a set of groups. Each group is composed of correlated SR tasks with similar blur kernels and can be effectively handled by a combination of specific networks in the mixture model. To achieve automatic SR tasks clustering and network selection, we model the blur kernel with a latent variable, which is inferred from the input image by an encoder network. Since the ground-truth of the latent variable is unknown in the training stage, we initialize the encoder network by pre-training it on the blur kernel classification task to avoid trivial solutions. To jointly train the mixture model and the encoder network, we further derive a lower bound of the likelihood function, which circumvents the intractability in direct maximum likelihood estimation. Extensive evaluations are performed on benchmark data sets and validate the effectiveness of the proposed method. (C) 2019 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

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