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I am the leader at the Online Automation Solutions Institute for Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (OASIS-EB).

① The Online Automation Solutions Institute for Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (OASIS-EB) is primarily engaged in exploring sophisticated regulatory methods and control systems for building energy infrastructures. Our approach integrates avant-garde technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence. We provide online intelligent control solutions adaptable to intricate boundary conditions and various operational scenarios, while simultaneously progressing towards productization.

② OASIS-EB has achieved a plethora of innovative breakthroughs. Examples include the thermal stability evaluation technique and the identification of the most unfavorable thermal dynamic loop, the time-lapse response characteristic model of qualitative and quantitative parameters for complex pipelining, and the global energy efficiency optimization method oriented towards spatial and temporal distribution traits. Other accomplishments encompass the basic information model of Insect Intelligent Buildings(I2B), the virtual on-site calibration procedure for building energy system sensors, and the data-informed energy usage prediction technique supported by a restructured parameter system. These methodologies are applicable across divergent systems including variable flow air conditioning, environmental management systems for transport hub infrastructure, high-efficiency chiller plants, and distributed energy systems. These techniques have been laudably implemented in projects and facilities such as Ice Cube of the Winter Olympic project, The Mixc and The Mixc One of China Resources Land Limited, Dalian Bay Cross-Harbour Tunnel, environmental control systems of metro stations and smart campuses, thus substantially enhancing energy efficiency and operation maintenance productivity.

③ Currently, OASIS-EB comprises over ten individuals ranging from post-doctoral researchers to PhD and Master's students. We've had the privilege to mentor 19 graduate students and have been entrusted with over 40 research initiatives at both national and provincial levels, yielding more than 150 academic publications. As we move forward, OASIS-EB will remain committed to the developmental requirements of evolving building power systems and PEDF (Power, Electronics, Drives, and Control) buildings. Harnessing the power of Insect Intelligent Buildings(I2B) methodologies, we will invest in researching flexible self-organizational structures and insect intelligent regulation and control techniques for low-carbon building energy systems. OASIS-EB will endeavor to establish a predictive model of building energy demand with superior applicability, introduce a universal building energy system control algorithm, and create online intelligent control solutions and products for enhanced energy-saving outcomes.

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2005-9 | 2009-10
  • 哈尔滨工业大学
  • 供热、供燃气、通风及空调工程
  • Doctoral Degree

2003-9 | 2005-11
  • 哈尔滨工业大学
  • 供热、供燃气、通风及空调工程
  • Master's Degree

1999-9 | 2003-7
  • 哈尔滨工业大学
  • 建筑环境与设备工程
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Associate Professor
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Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Main positions:Deputy Director, Department of Civil Engineering, Dalian University of Technology

Other Post:Member of APEC EGEE&C Group


Alma Mater:Harbin Institute of Technology

Degree:Doctoral Degree

School/Department:Institute of Building Energy, Dalian University of Technology

Discipline:Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering

Business Address:417 Room, Houxing Building

Contact Information:Email:zhaotianyi@dlut.edu.cn Office:86-411-84707734


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