Du Zongliang

Personal Information

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Associate Professor   Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates   Supervisor of Master's Candidates  


  Du Zongliang, PhD, associate professor, supervisor of master's candidates. Selected as a member of the 5th group of "Xinghai 1000 Yougth Talents Plan" at Dalian University of Technology.

  Current research interest focuses on solid mechanics, computational mechanics and related interdisciplinary field, including: structural optimization, topological mechanics, modelling and mechanical analysis based on machine learning and data-driven method, and non-smooth mechanics.

  Novel results were obtained in the research directions of fundamental theory and numerical algorithms of structural optimization, the analysis and design of bi-moduldus materials/structures and topological mechanics. More than 40 research papers and 1 book chaper have been published, including those in the flagship journals, e.g., Journal of the Mechanics of Physics and Solids in solid mechanics, Computers and Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering in computational mechanics, Physical Review Letters in applied physics, with 1300+ google scholar citations. 

Professional experience

01/2020 - present,       Associate Professor,             Dalian University of Technology,      Dalian,            China

01/2019 - 12/2019,     Postdoctoral Researcher,      University of Missouri,                      Columbia,       USA

01/2017 - 12/2018,     Postdoctoral Researcher,      University of California,                    San Diego,      USA 


B.E. in Engineering Mechanics (07/2009),        Dalian University of Technology,      Dalian,      China

Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics (12/2016),      Dalian University of Technology,      Dalian,      China

Professional admissions

Soid mechanics,  Computational mechanics,  Engineering mechanics

Welcome undergraduates majored in mechanics, physics, mechanical engineering, computer science, mathematics to join our group!

Social work

·  Commentator of Mathematical Reviews (American Mathematical Society)

·  Refrees of peer reviewed journals: Computers and Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Additive Manufacturing, Materials & Design, Journal of Mechanical Design-ASME, Composite Structures, Wave Motion, Acta Mechanica Sinica, etc


Mechanics of Plates and Shells,   undergraduate,   in English,   48 hours

Research projects

·  Start-up grants at DUT,  Optimal design of mechanical topological insulators by machine learning,  2020-2022

Publications in peer reviewed journals

·  G. SuZ. Du, P. Jiang, Y. Liu*. High-efficiency wavefront manipulation in thin plates using elastic metasurfaces beyond the generalized Snell’s law. Mech. Syst. Signal Process.179(2022), 109391.

·  X. Jiang, C. Liu*, Z. Du, W. Huo, X. Zhang, F. Liu, X. Guo*. A unified framework for explicit layout/topology optimization of thin-walled structures based on Moving Morphable Components (MMC) method and adaptive ground structure approach. Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 396(2022), 115047.

·  L. Li, C. Liu*, Z. Du, W. Zhang, X. Guo*. A meshless moving morphable component-based method for structural topology optimization without weak material. Acta Mech. Sin., 38(2022), 421445.

·  J. Li, Y. Zhang*, Z. Du, C. Liu, W. Zhang, X Guo, X. Guo*. A moving morphable component-based topology optimization approach considering transient structural dynamic responses. Int. J. Numer. Methods Engrg., 123(2022), 705-728.

·  T. Cui, Z. Du*, C. Liu, Z. Sun, X. Guo*. Explicit topology optimization with moving morphable component (MMC) introduction mechanism. Acta Mech. Solida Sin., 35(2022), 384–408.

·  W. Huo, C. Liu*, Z. Du, X. Jiang, Z. Liu, X. Guo*. Topology optimization on complex surfaces based on the moving morphable component (MMC) method and computational conformal mapping (CCM). J. Appl. Mech., 89(2022), 051008.

·  Z. Du, T. Cui, C. Liu, W. Zhang, Y. Guo, X. Guo*. An efficient and easy-to-extend Matlab code of the Moving Morphable Component (MMC) method for three-dimensional topology optimization. Struct. Multidisc. Optim., 65(2022), 158.

·  J. Luo, Z. Du*, Y. Guo, C. Liu, W. Zhang, X. Guo*. Multi-class, multi-functional design of photonic topological insulators by rational symmetry-indicators engineering. Nanophotonics, 10(2021), 4523-4531.

·  X. Guo*Z. Du, C. Liu, S. Tang. A new uncertainty analysis-based framework for data-driven computational mechanics. J. Appl. Mech.88(2021), 111003.

·  L. Lin, C. Liu*, W. Zhang, Z. Du, X. Guo*. Combined model-based topology optimization of stiffened plate structures via MMC approach. Int. J. Mech. Sci.208(2021), 106682.

·  H. Chung*Z. Du. Optimized design of multi-material cellular structures by level-set method with Guyan reduction. J. Mech. Des., 143(2021), 101702.

·  J. Luo, Z. Du*, C. Liu*, Y. Mei, W. Zhang, X. Guo. Moving morphable components-based inverse design formulation for quantum valley/spin hall insulators. Extreme Mech. Lett., 45(2021), 101276.

·  C. Liu, Z. Du*, W. Zhang, X. Zhang, Y. Mei, X. Guo*Design of optimized architected structures with exact size and connectivity via an enhanced multidomain topology optimization strategyComput. Mech., 67(2021), 743-762.

·  Y. Mei, Z. Du, D. Zhao, W. Zhang, C. Liu*, X. Guo*. Moving morphable inclusion approach: an explicit framework to solve inverse problem in elasticityJ. Appl. Mech.88(2021), 041001.

·  Z. Du#, G. Zhang#, T. Guo, S. Tang*, X. Guo*. Tension-compression asymmetry at finite strains: A theoretical model and exact solutionsJ. Mech. Phys. Solids143(2020), 104084.

·  C. Liu, Z. Du*, Y. Zhu, W. Zhang, X. Zhang, X. Guo*Optimal design of shell-graded-infill structures by a hybrid MMC-MMV approachComput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 369(2020), 113187.

·  X. Xu#, C. Wang#, W. Shou#, Z. Du, Y. Chen, B. Li, W. Matusik, N. Hussein*, G. Huang*. Physical realization of elastic cloaking with a polar material. Phys. Rev. Lett., 124(2020), 114301.

·  L. Li*Z. Du, H. A. Kim. Design of architected materials for thermoelastic macrostructures using level set method. JOM, 72(2020), 1734-1744.

·  Z. Du#, H. Chen#, G. Huang*. Optimal quantum valley Hall insulators by rationally engineering Berry curvature and band structure. J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 135(2020), 103784. 

·  X.-Y. Zhou*Z. Du, H. A. Kim. A level set shape metamorphosis with mechanical constraints for geometrically graded microstructures. Struct . Multidisc. Optim., 60(2019), 1-16.

·  Y. Zhu, S. Li, Z. Du, C. Liu, X. Guo*, W. Zhang*. A novel asymptotic-analysis-based homogenisation approach towards fast design of infill graded microstructures. J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 124(2019), 612-633.

·  Z. Du, W. Zhang, Y. Zhang, R. Xue, X. Guo*. Structural topology optimization involving bi-modulus materials with asymmetric properties in tension and compression. Comput. Mech., 63(2019), 335-363.

·  R. Xue, C. Liu, W. Zhang, Y. Zhu, S. Tang, Z. Du*, X. Guo*. Explicit structural topology optimization under finite deformation via Moving Morphable Void (MMV) approach. Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 344(2019), 798-818.

·  X. Lei, C. Liu*Z. Du, W. Zhang, X. Guo*. Machine learning-driven real-time topology optimization under moving morphable component-based framework. J. App. Mech., 86(2019), 011004. 

·  C. Liu, Y. Zhu, Z. Sun, D. Li, Z. Du*, W. Zhang, X. Guo*. An efficient moving morphable component (MMC)-based approach for multi-resolution topology optimization. Struct . Multidisc. Optim., 58(2018), 2455-2479. 

·  Z. Du*, X.-Y. Zhou, R. Picelli, H. A. Kim. Connecting microstructures for multiscale topology optimization with connectivity index constraints. J. Mech. Des.-Special Issue, 140(2018), 111417. 

·  W. Zhang*, Y. Liu, Z. Du, Y. Zhu, X. Guo*. A moving morphable component based topology optimization approach for rib-stiffened structures considering buckling constraints. J. Mech. Des. - Special Issue, 140(2018), 111404.

·  J. Du, Z. Du*, Y. Wei, W. Zhang, X. Guo*. Exact response bound analysis of truss structures via linear mixed 0‐1 programming and sensitivity bounding technique.Int. J. Numer. Methods Engrg., 116(2018), 21-42.

·  Z. Sun#, T. Cui#, Y. Zhu, W. Zhang, S. Shi, S. Tang, Z. Du, C. Liu, R. Cui, H. Chen, X. Guo*. The mechanical principles behind the golden ratio distribution of veins in plant leaves. Sci. Rep., 8(2018), 13859.

·  W. Zhang, D. Li, J. Zhou, Z. Du, B. Li, X. Guo*. A moving morphable void (MMV)-based explicit approach for topology optimization considering stress constraints. Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 334(2018), 381-413.

·  W. Zhang, J. Song, J. Zhou, Z. Du, Y. Zhu, Z. Sun, X. Guo*. Topology optimization with multiple materials via moving morphable component (MMC) method. Int. J. Numer. Methods Engrg., 113(2018), 1653-1675.

·  R. Xue, R. Li, Z. Du*, W. Zhang, Y. Zhu, Z. Sun, X. Guo*. Kirigami pattern design of mechanically driven formation of complex 3D structures through topology optimization. Extreme Mech. Lett., 15(2017), 139-144.

· X. Guo*, J. Zhou, W. Zhang*Z. Du, C. Liu, Y. Liu. Self-supporting structure design in additive manufacturing through explicit topology optimization. Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 323(2017), 27-63.

·  C. Liu, Z. Du, W. Zhang, Y. Zhu, X. Guo*. Additive manufacturing-oriented design of graded lattice structures through explicit topology optimization. J. Appl. Mech., 84(2017), 081008.

·  W. Zhang, Z. Du, G. Sun, X. Guo*. A level set approach for damage identification of continuum structures based on dynamic responses. J. Sound. Vib., 386(2017), 100-115.

·  Z. Du, Y. Zhang, W. Zhang, X. Guo*. A new computational framework for materials with different mechanical responses in tension and compression and its applications. Int. J. Solids Struct., 100-101(2016), 54-73.

·  Z. Du, X. Guo*. Symmetry analysis for structural optimization problems involving reliability measure and bi-modulus materials. Struct. Multidisc. Optim., 53(2016), 973-984.

·  C. Liu, Z. Du, Z. Sun, H. Gao, X. Guo*. Frequency-preserved acoustic diode model with high forward-power-transmission rate. Phys. Rev. Applied, 3(2015), 064014.

·  D. Yang*, G. Chen, Z. Du. Direct kinematic method for exactly constructing influence lines of forces of statically indeterminate structures. Struct. Eng. Mech., 54(2015), 793-807.

·  Z. Du, X. Guo*. Variational principles and the related bounding theorems for bi-modulus materials. J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 73(2014), 183-211.

·  X. Guo*Z. Du, G. Cheng. A confirmation of a conjecture on the existence of symmetric optimal solution under multiple loads. Struct. Multidisc. Optim., 50(2014), 659-661.

·  X. Guo*Z. Du, G. Cheng*, C. Ni. Symmetry properties in structural optimization: some extensions. Struct. Multidisc. Optim., 47(2013), 783-794.

·  X. Guo*, C. Ni, G. Cheng*Z. Du. Some symmetry results for optimal solutions in structural optimization. Struct. Multidisc. Optim., 46(2012), 631-645.

Book chapters

·  X. Guo*, W. Zhang, Z. Du. Topology Optimization Based on Explicit Geometry Description, in Encyclopedia of Continuum Mechanics, Springer-Verlag, 2020.

Educational Experience

2009.9 2016.12

  • Dalian University of Technology
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Doctoral Degree

2005.9 2009.7

  • Dalian University of Technology
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Bachelor's Degree

2002.9 2005.7

  • Hebei Zhengding Middle School

Work Experience

2020.1 Now
  • Dalian University of Technology
  • Department of Engineering Mechanics
  • Associate Professor
2019.1 2019.12
  • University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
2017.1 2018.12
  • University of California San Diego
  • Structural Engineering Department
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

Social Affiliations

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  • Structural Optimization
  • Topological Mechanics
  • Modelling and Mechanical Analysis based on Machine-learning and Data-Driven Methods