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Preparation of ultrasmall porous carbon nanospheres by reverse microemulsion-hydrothermal method

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Date of Publication:2018-02-01


Included Journals:SCIE、EI



ISSN No.:1793-6047

Key Words:Ultrasmall carbon nanosphere; porous material; hydrothermal synthesis; reverse microemulsion

Abstract:Porous carbon nanospheres (CNSs) have wide applications. A big challenge in materials science is synthesis of discrete ultrasmall porous carbon nanospheres. Herein, we report a facile reverse microemulsion-hydrothermal method to prepare discrete porous CNSs. The obtained CNSs possess an average diameter of 20 nm and pores of 0.7 nm and 3.4 nm. Our work has provided a convenient method for the controllable synthesis of ultrasmall porous CNSs with potential applications.

Date of Publication:2018-02-01

Jiasheng Wang

Gender:Male Alma Mater:大连理工大学 Degree:Doctoral Degree School/Department:化工海洋与生命学院 Business Address:大连理工大学D01-309 E-Mail:jswang@dlut.edu.cn