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A professor in Structural Engineering, Ph.D. advisor, vice Dean (2012-2014) and Dean (2014-2019) of Department of Civil Engineering of Dalian University of Technology. Selected as 'New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET) of the Ministry of Education of China' in 2008 and the Vice President of Academic Committee of Digital Construction of the Architectural Society of China in 2017. Current research interests cover: 1) Intelligent, parametrized and optimal design of complex and super high-rise building structures; 2) Earthquake-induced damage scenario preview and smart disaster mitigiation design of concrete structures; 3) Performance of precast concrete structures; 4) Seismic performance-based analysis, design and assessment of structures. Also the principal investigator of 7 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, etc. Authored two books and 246 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers. The reviewer of more than 10 English journals and 10 Chinese journals. Also a visiting scholar in the University of Toronto (2004.02-2005.02), the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign (2009.01-2009.12) and a senior visiting scholar in the University of California at Berkeley (2015.01-2015.04) under the sponsorship of the China Scholarship Council.


Currently, our group focuses on the following area:

(1) Parametric modelling, analysis and intelligent design of structures;

(2) Design of precast and high-rise concrete structural systems;

(3) Development on computing program for nonlinear analysis of structures;

(4) Smart disaster prevention and mitigation for major engineering structures.

P.S. Selected published (and accepted) journal papers (2017.01.01-present):


    (85) Zheng He(*), Maoxing Gao, Tian Liang, Xiao Lai, Yi Lu and Feng Pan. Tornado-induced vibration assessment of construction elevator attached to 

    high-rise buildings. The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings. Accepted on 2024.04.17. Paper ID: TAL-23-0237.

    (84) Qian Tao, Zheng He(*), Haijiang Li. Simulation and factor analysis for post-earthquake recovery of densely populated urban residential communities 

    in China. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering. Accepted on 2022.10.07. Paper ID: NSIE-2021-0422.    

    (83)  Xiao Lai, Zheng He(*), Ling Ma. Strain energy-based uniformity spectrum for elastic deformation control of super high-rise buildings under near-fault 

    pulse-like earthquake excitations. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 2024, 181: 108663.

   (82) Wengao Lu(*), Zheng He. Effect of uncertainties in cable corrosion and material strength on seismic fragility of long-span cable-stayed bridges in 

    marine environments. Structures. 2024, 62: 106274.

    (81) Zheng He(*), Yuanyuan Chen, Xiao Lai, Maoxing Gao. A damage-oriented ground motion intensity measure for degrading super high-rise        

    buildings.  Journal of Building Engineering. 2024, 86: 108874..



(80) Yang Yang(*), Pengyu Chen, Zheng He, Yuchuan Bai. Study on low-cycle hysteresis properties of seawater corroded steel considering loading history effects. Applied Ocean Research. 2023, 142: 103845.

(79) Yang Yang(*), Wanyang Lv, Tianyu Xu, Jing Wang, Zheng He. Numerical investigation on hysteretic behavior of corroded T-shaped tubular joints under compressive bending. Applied Ocean Research. 2023, 142: 103839.

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(77) Xiaoying Ou, Zheng He(*), Bin Du, Maoxing Gao. Multiple-level earthquake-resistant design strategy for precast concrete frames with semi-rigid connections: a case study. Structures. 2023, 54(8): 570-586.

(76) Yang Yang(*), Yuanhang Li, Jing Wang, Zheng He, Xili Dong, Xiuxiu Yuan. Time-varying dynamic performance of a floating platform-mooring system based on the mechanical experimental data derivation method for corroded wire ropes. Ocean Engineering. 2023, 280: 114873.

(75) Bin Liang, Jilin Hou and Zheng He(*). Research on rapid assessment method for the vulnerability of structures with vulnerability index and disaster matrix. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. 2023, 21: 2691-2722.

(74) Zheng He(*), Maoxing Gao, Zhenhui Li, Zhuang Guo, Shanjie Ke, Zhe Qi, Xiang Tu, Bin Du and Xiao Lai. Parametrized multi-objective seismic optimization for precast concrete frame with a novel post-tensioned energy dissipation beam-column joint. Computers and Structures. 2023, 275: 106911.


(73) Tingting Liu, Zheng He(*). Enhancement of seismic damage endurance of large-span lattice shells with replaceable fuse-type components. Journal of Building Engineering. 2022, 62: 105365.

(72) Zheng He(*), Tian Liang, Xiao Lai, Maoxing Gao, Xiang Tu, Yi Lu. Vibration acceleration-integrated parametrized aerodynamic shape optimization of super high-rise buildings with spiral configurations. Structural and Multi-disciplinary Optimization. 2022, 65(9): 291.

(71) Xiao Lai, Zheng He(*). Dynamics-based analytical correlation between flexure-shear coupled model and frame-tube-outrigger model for frame core-tube structural systems. ASCE, Journal of Engineering Mechanics. 2022, 148(11): 04022068.

(70) Xiao Lai, Zheng He(*), Yuanyuan Chen, Yantai Zhang, Zhenhui Li, Zhuang Guo, Ling Ma. A modified spectral-velocity-based earthquake intensity measure for super high-rise buildings. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 2022, 162: 107504.

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  • Smart disaster prevention and mitigation for major engineering structures
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