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Room temperature oxidative desulfurization with MoO3 subnanoclusters supported on MCM-41

2021-03-06 Hits:

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First Author:Yang, Qianfan

Correspondence Author:Jiasheng Wang,Wang, Wan-Hui,Bao, Ming

Date of Publication:2021-03-06




Page Number:21473-21477

ISSN No.:2046-2069

Abstract:Subnano MoO3/MCM-41 was successfully prepared through doping (NH4)(6)Mo7O24 in the synthesis process of MCM-41. The morphology of MoO3/MCM-41 was visually observed by TEM and HADDF-STEM. N-2 sorption, XPS and Raman were further applied to investigate the structure of the material. MoO3/MCM-41 was used in the oxidative desulfurization process with tert-butyl hydroperoxide as oxidant. MoO3/MCM-41 showed outstanding catalytic activity and recycling ability at room temperature.

Date of Publication:2021-03-06

Jiasheng Wang

Gender:Male Alma Mater:大连理工大学 Degree:Doctoral Degree School/Department:化工海洋与生命学院 Business Address:大连理工大学D01-309 E-Mail:jswang@dlut.edu.cn